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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Leads the Way to Provide Better Care with Telehealth

Virtually Bringing Back the House Call - Blog | Calgary Scientific

Written by Pierre Lemire, President & CTO.

For many, a day of golfing, lunching with friends, spending time with family and vacations to exotic locales is the allure of an ideal retirement. We’ve all thought about it, but what you may not think about is the staggering number of baby boomers retiring in the United States today, and the impact they’ll have on an already overtaxed healthcare system.

ResolutionMD® 4 Offers a New Industry Standard in Virtual Healthcare

Virtual Care with ResolutionMD Diagnostic Medical Image-Viewer

Written by Greg Girard, Director of Product Management - HealthCare.

The telehealth market is predicted to grow 10 times what it is today by 2018. Professionals in the healthcare industry are seeking out new ways to utilize remote monitoring and communications technology as a way to reduce costs and improve quality of care. Also by 2018, the number of patients accessing telehealth services will rise to 7 million. That’s up from a little less than 350,000 in 2013. Worldwide revenue for telehealth devices and services is expected to reach an unprecedented $4.5-billion USD, far eclipsing the $440.6-million reported in 2013.

Mobile Imaging Market Set to Take Off in Asia

csi may02 blog

Written by Dr. Byron Osing, CEO & Chair.

April was a landmark month for Calgary Scientific with two big announcements in the Asia Pacific market.

ResolutionMD® received certification from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), making it the first company to be certified for diagnosis on both web and mobile devices for all imaging modalities.

Mobile Health Opportunities Heating up in Asia


Written by Pierre Lemire, President & CTO.

Last week I was in Asia for two major medical trade shows to support our partners as well as to learn about the latest products and messaging.

First stop was Yokahama, Japan for ITEM, The International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging. This is a comprehensive academic exhibition and is held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiological Society (JRS), the Annual Scientific Congress of the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology (JSRT), and the Scientific Congress of the Japan Society of Medical Physics (JSMP). The exhibition allows vendors to display their latest medical imaging systems and peripheral devices for the Japanese Radiology community to see.

ResolutionMD® Receives FDA Clearance for All Modalities

CSI April4 PR v3

Written by Kyle Peterson, Director of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs.

Last week was an exciting one at Calgary Scientific, as we celebrated another FDA clearance! This now brings us to a total of seven clearances granted by the US FDA since 2006. What does this new clearance mean? Medical practitioners can now diagnose any modality* on a range of mobile and web devices using ResolutionMD, our leading enterprise image-viewer. It enables healthcare professionals a way to view and diagnose images from anywhere, inside or out of the hospital walls. This FDA clearance builds on our previous clearances for iOS and Android devices. ResolutionMD has also been by approved by Health Canada and is CE marked for distribution in Europe.

ResolutionMD® Mobilizes Radiologists at SAR 2014

ResolutionMD mobilizing radiologists at Society of Abdominal Radiology (SAR) 2014

Written by Jonathan Draper, Senior Product Manager.

For the Society of Abdominal Radiology (SAR), continuing education for its members is of utmost importance. This year at the SAR annual meeting in Boca Raton, attendees looking to brush up on reading small bowel imaging cases experienced an innovative way to receive live training from experts.

Proposed healthcare PROTECT Act could put your health at risk

FDA Mar18 v2

Written by Kyle Peterson, Director of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs.

The United States Senate is now considering a new bill, called the PROTECT Act, a companion bill to the SOFTWARE Act which was introduced in the House of Representatives in October. Both bills seek to amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are intended to limit the FDA's authority in regulating clinical and health software - in particular the mobile medical applications which have proliferated in the past few years.

The Impact of Cloud Portability on Healthcare CIO Decision Making

Healthcare Cloud Computing Considerations - Medical Imaging

Written by Dr. Byron Osing, CEO & Chair.

Healthcare CIO’s have very tough jobs these days. They are handed shrinking capital expenditure and IT related spending budgets nearly every year, and are expected to get more bang for the buck out of their IT infrastructure at the same time. They are also faced with the fact that the vast majority of their existing or legacy systems simply don’t work together, which is known as the ‘non-interoperability’ issue in healthcare.  This issue costs U.S. taxpayers and healthcare plan payers alone an estimated $30 billion per year of operational inefficiencies.

Simplify your way to an Image-Enabled Enterprise


Written by Dr.Byron Osing, CEO & Chair.

Is there really such thing as a true ‘plug and play’ technology when it comes to enterprise image viewing? I work in the technology business, but when I bring home a new computing or entertainment device that is supposed to just “plug in” to my existing technology - whether that be a computer; a television; or otherwise, I usually end up calling my more tech savvy and highly patient wife for help to get my new product working. I can’t decide what’s more frustrating, not being able to figure out my household technology or hearing about the interoperability issues costing the healthcare industry 30+ billion a year!

FDA Accreditation Terminology – Magic or Misdirection?

blogimage FDA

Written by Dr.Byron Osing, CEO and Chair.

Have you ever watched a really good magician? It is incredible the tricks they can create before your very eyes and you are left amazed with the performance. When it comes to reviewing technology in the medical industry, you also have to be certain that companies are not playing tricks on you with the wording they use to describe their capability. Recently, the FDA announced long awaited social media guidance for medical marketing. The good news is the FDA is taking notice with this misdirection. The not so great news is the guidance covers drugs and biologics and does not yet apply to medical devices, (which includes software). 

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